1. To create an environment for exchange of information between companies and individuals in Bulgaria that can effectively influence the formation of policy and
strategy for the development of Bulgarian railway automation, signalling, communication and industry;

2. To establish communication and direct contacts for joint participations in forums, projects and conferences with similar associations in the Czech Republic,
Austria and France, Germany and other countries. The goal is for the Association to dispose with up-to-date information from Europe, based on which adequate
solutions to be offered to the government and the competent state authorities;

3. To set in place a comprehensive strategy and programme for development and modernization of the railway infrastructure in Bulgaria;

4. To set in place a comprehensive policy and strategy for development and professional training of the human resources in the field of railway signalling,
automation and telecommunication;

5. The Association to enter the relevant international organizations and to participate in the process of determining the policy of the European railway transport and
the railway transport in the region;

6. To develop a strategy and programme for presentation of Bulgarian companies outside the European borders in search of potential markets in Russia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Middle East and others.

7. To set in place a business communication centre for the exchange of scientific and business information between universities and businesses in this field;

8.To coordinate a system for professional development and acquiring higher qualification that allows issuance of certificates of competency in relation to the scope of activity of the Association;

9. To establish a Notified Body and Accredited Laboratories.